Trojan Odyssey, Cussler



Trojan Odyssey
Trojan Odyssey,
by Clive Cussler

Trojan Odyssey Book Review

The story line of Trojan Odyssey is based on the classic Greek literary work Odyssey by Homer. Dirk Pitt with his loyal companion Al Giordino are joined Pitt Sr's son Dirk Pitt Jr and daughter Summer, both of which are also oceanographers. Together they investigate a mysterious pollution, and in the process come across evidence from the historical Odyssey event.

This particular Clive Cussler novel is pivotal in that it signals several major changes in the Dirk Pitt series. First and foremost, it's in this book that the torch gets passed from Dirk Pitt Sr to Dirk Pitt Jr as the main action hero of the series.

Furthermore, Dirk Pitt Sr and his long time lover, Congresswoman Loren Smith, finally get hitched, and Admiral Sandecker gets asked by the sitting United States President to take over the chair of Vice President of the United States. Finally a person in a major political office who understands the importance of protecting the environment, exploring the many hidden treasures of the sea, and Cuban cigars.

For all the car enthusiasts out there, Trojan Odyssey features a Marmon V-16 Town Car and a custom-built 1952 Meteor DeSoto hot rod modified with a 270 horsepower (200 kW) engine.


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