Treasure of Khan



Treasure of Khan
Treasure of Khan,
by Clive Cussler

Treasure of Khan Book Review

Treasure of Khan is as of 2009 the second most recent Dirk Pitt novel, co-authored as a joint venture between father and son Cussler, Clive and Dirk. It's the nineteenth Dirk Pitt novel in all.

Story line: Over the years, Dirk Pitt Sr and Pitt Jr have faced villains from all of the usual suspect nationalities (German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, etc.) plus some surprising nationalities (Icelandic, Swedish, Canadian). Running out of countries to pick villains from, the bad guy in Treasure of Khan is picked from a nationality with great historic fame but almost non-existent involvement in current world events.

An oil tycoon from Mongolia named Borjin acts as the instigator of major international upheaval as he sabotages the oil production of other countries with a secret earth quake machine.

After establishing himself as one of the few remaining dependable producers of crude oil, he blackmails the Chinese government to not only sign a financially lucrative oil deal with him but also to cede the northern Chinese province of Inner Mongolia* and allowing it to unite with the rest of Mongolia. What Borjin knows but the Chinese government does not is that the land of Inner Mongolia* sits on vast reserve of oil, which promises to further Borjin's wealth.

For some reason, all this does not sit well with Dirk Pitt, who decides to stick his nose where - according to Borjin - it does not belong.


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* Webmaster's comment: Inner Mongolia is ethnically predominantly Chinese (79%) with only a small minority population of Mongols (17%) in the north of the province. So let's not let this book, Treasure of Khan, stir up "Free Inner Mongolia" sentiment. It's a totally different situation from Tibet. Just because it bears the name "Inner Mongolia" does not mean it belongs with Mongolia any more than "New Mexico" should be part of Mexico. It just makes for good fiction.



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