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The Wrecker
The Wrecker,
by Clive Cussler

The Wrecker Book Review

The Wrecker is the second novel in a new Western series by "one of the greatest adventure novelists of our time" (imdb). It promises to become perhaps the most popular Clive Cussler series yet. Because, let's face it, stories about the Wild West never lose their appeal to American (as well as International) audiences.

A detective by the name of Isaac Bell represents the main character in The Wrecker. Bell is as athletic and fearless as James Bond and as intellectually brilliant as Sherlock Holmes.

As an independently wealthy heir to a Boston banking family, Isaac Bell pursues his detective investigations with a fury born out of an obsession and passion for justice rather than the need to make a living.

In The Wrecker, the Southern Pacific Railroad hires the Van Dorn detective agency and Isaac Bell to capture a saboteur that has been targeting their construction sites with devastating effects. Southern Pacific's financing for a project to build a new line between the northern and southern portions of the American West coast is threatened. If any more sabotage ensues, it could potentially sink the entire mega-corporation.

Unbeknownst to all until the very end of the book, The Wrecker is a regular member of the inner circles of Southern Pacific Railroad president Osgood Hennessy, even courting the railroad baron's "unspeakably beautiful" daughter Lillian. He's a formidable adversary, perhaps as brilliant as Isaac Bell himself.

The Wrecker's agenda turns out to be the hostile takeover of not only the Southern Pacific Railroad but as a side effect gaining complete control of the entire United States railroad system, at a time in history when the wealthiest men in America were railroad barons such as Vanderbilt, Harriman and others.

Set in the early twentieth century, the novel of course presents a golden opportunity for automobile enthusiast Clive Cussler to have fun with several classic automobiles from the age when the invention of the car was in its infancy and the experimental variety in styles was greater than ever in history.

Featured in The Wrecker, we find the winner of the 1908 New York to Paris race, the 1907 Model 35 Thomas Flyer, as well as a Packard Grey Wolf, a turn of the century Rolls Royce, Isaac Bell's Locomobile, and a Bugatti Type 41 Royale.

Clive Cussler is a man of many passions, one of the best known and most obvious being his love of the ocean, as evidenced by his countless action novels revolving in and around water. But the fact that he has chosen to live in Colorado, far from the any great body of water, suggests that he also loves the rugged, arid and mountainous landscapes of the American West.

Through The Wrecker, we get a glimpse of this other side of Cussler, the one that loves the arid mountainous landscapes of the American West. And it's an enthusiasm that shines through with unmitigated contagiousness. The new Isaac Bell series may well help give birth to a whole new generation of Western enthusiasts, as well as spark great excitement in many old ones. With all due respect to the previous Clive Cussler series, his Isaac Bell stories may top them all.


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