The Mediterranean Caper



The Mediterranean Caper
The Mediterranean Caper,
by Clive Cussler

The Mediterranean Caper Book Review

Although not the first Dirk Pitt novel that Clive Cussler actually wrote (Pacific Vortex! was written first) The Mediterranean Caper was the first published novel by Clive Cussler (1973), the book that began it all. It's a book that has been read and loved by millions.

Grant Blackwood, who now co-authors the Fargo Adventure series with Clive Cussler, credits The Mediterranean Caper with wanting to become a novelist in the first place. And now Blackwood gets to team up with his original fiction writing role model, Clive Cussler; imagine that!

The title act of the book, The Mediterranean Caper, is perpetrated by German World War I and II veteran Bruno von Till in a bright yellow WWI German Albatross D-3 biplane. Von Till is part of an international drug smuggling ring. Because of his seemingly harmless mode of transportation, he is able to get close to the Brady Air Force Base on Greek island Thásos, where he launches a surprise attack, destroying all of the modern F-105 Starfire fighters before the AFB personnel has time to scramble to the defense.

Pitt befriends Von Till's beguiling niece, Teri von Till, and manages to get himself invited to dinner at the von Till residence, where Bruno von Till traps him in a labyrinth with a man-eating lion. Pitt manages to escape, of course, but not before discovering some important secrets about von Till's smuggling empire, as well as his original identity.



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