Skeleton Coast, Clive Cussler



Skeleton Coast, Clive Cussler
Skeleton Coast,
by Clive Cussler

Skeleton Coast Book Review

Published in 2006, Skeleton Coast is the fourth novel in the Oregon Files by New York Times best-selling author Clive Cussler in partnership with Jack Du Brul..

The title of the book, Skeleton Coast, refers to the desolate south-west African coast of the Kalahari Desert, the area of the world where much of the action is taking place. Becoming enmeshed in two African civil wars, the Oregon crew first has to stop the escalation of a conflict in Congo to which they unintentionally supplied the weapons, and later support a civil uprising in Zimbabwe against the "evil" regime there.

As if the the fate of two entire nations and millions of their inhabitants weren't enough, Captain Juan Cabrillo and his Oregon crew also have to rescue a kidnapped billionaire, and then prevent said billionaire's mad former business partner from releasing millions of liters of crude oil as a protest against environmental destruction. (I'd like to see Greenpeace try that on: Destroy the environment to protect it! Genius!)


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