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Inca Gold
Inca Gold,
by Clive Cussler

Inca Gold Book Review

In 1532, a Spanish fleet of ships find their way up a river to an island in Lake Titicaca, Peru, where they hide a vast hoard of gold. Then they leave, with only a stone demon to guard the entrance.

Nearly half a century later, in 1578, Sir Francis Drake captures a Spanish ship loaded with gold and silver stolen from the Inca. It includes a gigantic gold chain, so massive that it takes two hundred men to lift it. And moreover, there is a key to the lost and hidden treasure in Lake Titicaca. But as Drake heads back to England to deliver the treasure to the crown, his ship is assailed by a tidal wave that lifts the ship and deposits if far inland in the South American jungles. A single man survives to tell the tale, but nobody believes him, until his notes are discovered hundreds of years later.

In 1998, a team of archeologists almost drowns when exploring the depths of a sacrificial pool at high elevations in the Peruvian mountains. To the rescue comes Dirk Pitt, who happens to be on a marine expedition in the area. Pitt discovers that his life is in danger as well, after he's been noticed by a group of smugglers searching for the legendary Incan treasure.

Teaming up with beautiful archeologist Dr. Shannon Kelsey, Pitt gets plunged into a whirlwind of wild action, hanging on for dear life. It becomes a battle of wits and daring to find the golden chain, as Pitt uncovers the masterminds behind the actions of his foes, a ruthless international family syndicate dealing in stolen art, ancient artifacts, and art forgeries worth millions of dollars.

The thrilling adventure heads toward an edge-of-your-seat climax as friends and foes face off in the confined space carved out by an underground river that connects to the hiding place of the Inca Gold.


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