Corsair, Clive Cussler



Corsair, Clive Cussler
by Clive Cussler

Corsair Book Review

"Corsair" is an archaic name for a pirate (person) or a pirate ship. The book Corsair is the 6th in the Oregon Files series, written in collaboration between Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul. The Oregon Files is my personal favorite among Cussler's five fictional series, although the new Isaac Bell series is a strong contender.

The theme of Corsair is the kidnapping of the U.S. Secretary of State, Fiona Katamora, by a wealthy Middle Eastern terrorist who bases his carefully cultivated  image on the legendary historical figure known of Suleiman, a "corsair" on a personal mission kill all infidels.

What modern-day Suleiman is not aware of is that his historical counterpart had his life saved by a Christian, who he later came to love like a son. The corsair Suleiman had a change of heart in his old age and instead of seeing only differences between Islam and Christianity, be began to write about all the things the two religions had in common.

Finding the lost lair of the corsair Suleiman, and his old-age reconciliatory teachings which may influence millions of Muslims, becomes an important side task for the Oregon team, ahead of the pending Peace Summit in Libya.


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